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Cake 3.0 TKO Delta 8

Cake Live Resin TKO Disposable Vape – 3 grams

The Cake TKO disposable vape pen delivers maximum flavor and ultra potency in a special 3 gram device. Their carefully crafted blend of THC-M, Delta-8 Liquid Diamonds, THC-A & THC-P is designed to metabolize quickly and elevate users to the highest heights. This device is perfect for Cake Brand lovers that are looking for a little something extra to get through the week.

Cake blends each of their TKO stains with all natural, native terpenes. These terpenes provide a more authentic, true-to-strain experience that many users expect and love. Currently, the TKO vape is available in 10 strains including:

Blueberry Dream – Sativa
Beverly Haze – Sativa
Double Kush Cake – Indica
Elon Rntz – Sativa
Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Indica
Strawberry Angel Cake – Hybrid
Coconut Cookie Dough – Hybrid
Grape Apefruit – Sativa
Wedding Pie – Sativa
Whipped Cream Wreck – Indica
AK-48 – Sativa
Lemonade – Sativa
Blonde Dream – Sativa

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