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Hidden Hills Live Resin Bars

The Hidden Hills Club Delta-11/Delta-9/THC-P Live Resin 2G Disposable Vape is now available! Using Hidden Hills Club's amazing blend of Delta-11, Delta-9 and THC-P live resins, this disposable is fire! Available in a wide variety of terpene profiles, these are some of the most delicious live resin vapes available. Get your Hidden Hills Club Delta-11/Delta-9/THC-P Live Resin 2G Disposable Vape today!

Product Specifications:

2000mg Delta-11, Delta-9, and THC-P Live Resin Blend
Integrated Rechargeable Battery
Ceramic Coil
Dual Air Chambers
Single Button Operation (Detailed Instructions Below)
Button Press Firing 
Adjustable Power: Red Light: 2.8V / 6.3W, Yellow Light: 3.2V / 8.2W, Green Light: 3.5V / 9.8W
USB-C Charging Port
Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC
3rd Party Lab Tested
2018 Farm Bill Compliant
Blueberry Gelato (Hybrid)
Strain: Blueberry Gelato
Flavor: Berries, Citrus, Spice
Blackberry Mamba (Indica)
Strain: Blackberry Mamba
Flavor: Berry, Earthy, Citrus
Candy Cane Runtz (Hybrid)
Strain: Candy Cane Runtz
Flavor: Citrus, Berries, Mint
Gusher Breath (Indica)
Strain:Gusher Breath 
Flavor: Sweet, Fruity
London Shaved Ice (Sativa)
Strain: London Shaved Ice 
Flavor: Lemon, Tropical, Berry
Rainbow Belts (Hybrid)
Strain: Rainbow Belts 
Flavor: Sweet, Fruity, Lime, Citrus
Citrus Mango Pop (Sativa)
Strain: Citrus Mango Pop 
Flavor: Mango, Citrus
Kiwi Zellow Sorbet (Sativa)
Strain: Kiwi Zellow Sorbet 
Flavor: Kiwi, Sorbet, Smooth

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