Please Review These Terms Of Sale Carefully As This Document Governs Your Purchase Of Products From onlinevapeshop.us And Contains Important Information About Limitations and Exclusions That May Apply To You.



Once a completed order is received, our system will place an authorization of your form of payment in the amount of your order total. Your card will be charged . We reserve the right to refuse any order in our sole discretion. Please ensure you enter the correct billing and shipping address and confirm all of the item and item quantities are correct prior to placing your order.


All products listed on our website are in stock at our warehouse unless otherwise stated. We do not drop ship any of our products. In the rare event that an item you ordered is not available due to an inventory discrepancy, we will promptly email you and give you the option of choosing an alternative product as a replacement or offer you a refund.


We work hard to accurately describe our products and photograph our merchandise, however, Goods may vary slightly from those images. From time to time, manufactures make changes to their packaging, their products, and what item are included without our prior notice. We make every effort to display, as accurately as possible, the colors of our products that appear on the website. The color and shade of the items depend on your monitor or device and it’s settings as well as the lighting in which our photographers photograph the products, therefore, we cannot guarantee that the color you see will be accurate with the color of the item.

Some manufactures may include compatible hardware with their products that vary in color. An example would be (but not limited to) tanks and drip tips. The color of the tank you have ordered will be the color of the tank you receive. However, the color of drip tip may not be the same color as the drip tip in our product photo. Some manufactures include drip tips in various colors at random. Most of the time, we have no way of knowing which products will have included hardware that vary in color as we don’t open each item prior to shipping them. And while you may be set on receiving the drip tip in the same color as the product photo, we cannot guarantee what color drip tip will be included with your tank.

We may also occasionally display images of the same product in a different color or in a group photo in second image, third image, fourth image, etc. The product and color of the product you will receive will always be what’s shown in the first product image and what is listed in the product title and description. We may also show other products that are not included but may be purchased separately as they are compatible. Always check the product description for an accurate list of all pieces included with the product. All images of Goods that appear on onlinevapeshop.us are for illustrative purposes only.


As of August 8th, 2016, all online vendors of e-cigarette products, under both state and USA federal law are required to verify the recipients age and confirm that they are of legal smoking age prior to shipment of their order. onlinevapeshop.us does and will comply with these laws and has partnered with a third party age verification company to comply with these laws. In other words, we verify that all customers are of legal smoking age in their state before shipping. This applies to all orders shipped to US addresses.

Furthermore, California State Regulation requires distributors/sellers of vape products must call the customer via phone after 5pm PST, confirming the order, prior to shipping the vapor products. If the customer is unavailable, leaving a voicemail is acceptable. This regulation was passed to ensure the order has not been made by a minor/person under the age of 21.

onlinevapeshop.us is committed to selling all of our products to adults of legal smoking age. We work with an independent third-party age and identity verification company to ensure our customers are of legal smoking age and to ship our orders to designated recipients.

Age Verification Services uses age verification solutions to responsibly compare customers' data to billions of records from multiple trusted data sources to accurately verify their age. The service is specifically designed to verify and protect each individual's identity while maintaining the highest level of consumer privacy when processing online transactions.

While some may find this process invasive, it is very similar to entering in accurate billing information when verifying a credit/debit cardholder. In addition, the information uses to identify you is not different than searching public records that already exist in your name. Please understand that this is the law for all online e-cigarette retailers with the end goal being preventing individuals younger than the legal smoking age from purchasing e-cigarette products. Your information is 100% secure with secure 256bit encryption technology ensures the safest possible delivery of the information you provide online.  DOES NOT store, share, or sell your sensitive personal information or data. This ensures unauthorized parties cannot gain access to your sensitive personal information.

A very small percentage of shoppers may not be verifiable due to limited availability of publicly available information contained within the databases. This is common with individuals who have limited amount of assets and/or contracts in their name such as renting/owning a home that is in your name, having a phone and/or utilities in your name, etc. In the event, we cannot verify you, we will reach out immediately for additional verification (generally a government issued photo ID with the picture and ID # blacked/blurred out).

Please ensure you enter your information accurately and truthfully. If all of the information you entered is accurate and is unable to verify your age during checkout, it is important to send us the required documents we request as soon as possible to prevent a delay with your order. Failure to provide accurate and truthful information will result in a mismatch and will not be able to identify you correctly, thus causing your order to be cancelled or delayed until your identity is verified.


onlinevapeshop.us currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards. Once an order is completed, our system will place an temporary authorization of your form of payment in the amount of your order total. Once your order ships the temporary authorization that was placed on your card when you placed your order will convert into a posted transaction.

By submitting your order, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to use the designated credit card and authorize us to charge that credit or debit card in the amount of your order (including taxes and shipping). If the credit card cannot be verified, is invalid, or is otherwise not acceptable, your order may be suspended or cancelled automatically.

Pending Charges (Temporary Authorizations)
Temporary authorizations occur when a merchant tests to confirm that your credit/debit card is valid, has sufficient available funds/credit in the amount of the order transaction, and verifies the billing address. The amount of the transaction will been deducted from your available credit by your card issuer. With temporary authorizations, the funds that are ‘deducted’ do not actually leave your account and the funds are not sent to us. The deduction you see on your account is a hold placed on those funds by your card issuer and they do this assuming the merchant (us) that inquired about that amount will charge your card and collect it the funds.

Only and if we charge your card does a temporary authorization convert into a posted transaction in which the funds are sent to us. But if we have a problem with your order and we never run your card (example: you don’t pass age verification and don’t submit the required documents we ask for) the temporary authorization will expire and the temporary charge (the amount put on hold by your card issuer) will be released and those funds will be available again in your account.

In summary, you place your order and a temporary authorization is created on your credit/debit account. A temporary authorization tells us that the card is valid, has enough credit to fund the order, and verifies the billing address you entered matches what your card issuer has on file for you. Your card issuer puts those funds on hold for the amount of your order. We ship your order, our system charges your card, then the funds are sent to us.

Order and Payment Issues
There are incidents during checkout where the order doesn’t go through such as the billing address you entered doesn’t match what your card issuer has on file for you. Each time you place an order with the incorrect billing address, it will create a temporary authorization on your card because in order for our system to verify your billing address, a temporary authorization must occur. When authorizing a card, you cannot verify one thing without verifying the other 3. Card issuing systems are a one trick pony. Banks use state of the art security software that’s ever evolving but the basic functions of authorizing and charging cards are old and outdated. Verifying all 3 involves; verify the card is valid, verify the card has sufficient funds, and verify the billing address you entered matches the address your card issuer has on file for you.

If your order is not going through due to the incorrect billing address, please verify you entered your billing address correctly. If you believe the billing address you entered is the same address your card issuer has on file but your order still won’t go through, please call your card issuer. Many people believe there is an issue with our system when they receive a billing address error, however, your card issuer is who tells us if what your entered as your billing address is correct. If your card issuer tells us the address is not a match, we cannot call your card issuer and ask what the correct address is. Banks and credit card companies do not release this information to anyone aside from the card holder for security purposes. It is your responsibility to ensure the billing address is correct. As long as the billing address isn’t correct, you won’t be able to submit your order without receiving an error, thus preventing your order from being placed.

Please note when you change your address for your credit/debit card by logging into your account online, this only changes your online account address. It does not change the address of where your statements are sent. The address where your statements are sent is the address your card issuer is using to match against the billing address you entered during checkout. This can be tricky because most people use paperless statements, which is why if your order cannot be completed due to the billing address not matching, call your card issuer and verify the address they have on file for your account.

If you receive a billing address no-match error during checkout, a temporary authorization is made regardless if your order goes through or not. Now say on your first attempt on placing an order you receive a billing address error, then you call your card issuer and corrected the billing address, and your second order attempt was successful. This would result in 2 temporary authorizations on your account. This is because the first order attempt that was unsuccessful created a temporary authorization and the second order that was successful also created a temporary authorization. We have no control over this and has been a topic in the financial industry for years as to why card issuers don’t take measures to avoid these issues from happening. The card issuers however feel that their system does not know the difference between you placing 2 orders from the same company for the same amount vs. your first order had a no-match billing address error and only the second order was valid.

But as stated before, temporary authorizations are not charges, the are temporary and will expire (generally within a few days), and the funds haven’t actually left your account. What will happen is since only 1 order came through successful on our end, we ship your order, and charge your card for that one order. The other temporary authorization that occurred due to the no-match billing address will expire and your card issuer will release the hold on those funds back into your account. To multiple temporary authorizations, it is best to call your card issuer prior to placing your order to ensure they have the correct address on file for you, especially if you moved within the last year or so.

You might be wondering why don’t we just charge your card to begin with rather than authorizing your card during checkout and then charging it once your order ships. Reason being is if there is an issue with your order, part of your order is unable to be fulfilled, you don’t pass age verification and don’t send us the required documents, etc, you are not left waiting for us to refund you. Say we charged your card when you placed an order, your billing address didn’t match, you didn’t call your card issuer to verify your address, and instead kept pressing submit. Or say the page was loading slowly and you thought the order didn’t go through so you kept pressing submit. This could result in many charges. You would then need to contact us, we would need to sort out which order is valid and which charges need to be refunded. Then the time it takes for a refund, the time it takes for your card issuer to post the refunded funds to your account, all of which could have been avoided if we authorized the card at checkout and charged the card only for the valid order. By only authorizing your card at checkout, any additional temporary authorizations will expire and your card issuer then will release the funds back into your account.

Fraud Detection and Prevention
All orders placed with onlinevapeshop.us are ran through our Fraud Detection and Prevention system in which data is plotted and analyzed across multiple matrices. Some of that data includes purchase history such as previous patterns and tendencies on purchases, geographic location, IP address, verified address history, etc. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to reject or cancel any order at any time which we deem as a potentially fraudulent transaction. We may also refuse any orders in which the identity verification provides a connection with a previous credit card dispute.

Fraudulent Order
onlinevapeshop.us does not tolerate fraudulent nor attempted fraudulent orders and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Placing an order and claiming you did not when we have evidence for all orders placed through our website or using a stolen bank or credit card, both leave us no other choice. We have absolutely no problem contacting our industry-recognized attorneys on retainer and pressing charges for Identity, Bank, and Credit Card Fraud which are serious crimes. Prosecuted criminals face some of the most severe jail sentences allowed and we provide this information publicly in addition to sending a update reports to the criminals current employer.