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Blue Mint Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18K

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Blue Mint Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18K Disposable Vape

In the ocean of disposable vape options, the Blue Mint Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18K emerges as a refreshing wave of innovation and flavor. Offering a sleek design and an unparalleled vaping experience, this product stands out for those seeking reliability and taste in their vaping journey.What makes the Blue Mint Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18K a noteworthy contender in the bustling vape market?

Key Features

Flavor: The hallmark of the Blue Mint Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18K is its flavor profile. The Blue Mint blend offers a crisp, refreshing taste that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and the invigorating coolness of mint. It's not just a hit; it's a carefully crafted experience designed to satisfy both mint aficionados and those looking for a soothing, flavorful escape.

Disposable Design: In a world increasingly conscious of convenience, the disposable nature of this vape ensures that it serves not only as a hassle-free option for experienced vapers but also as an accessible entry point for novices. The ease of use—simply unpack, use, and dispose—removes any complexities associated with refilling or maintenance, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go vaping.

Vaping Experience: Beyond its standout flavor, the Blue Mint Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18K delivers a smooth vaping experience. Engineered to produce a satisfying throat hit with each puff, it marries the richness of flavor with the perfect amount of vapor, appealing to both casual and serious vapers. The device's design ensures consistent performance from the first to the last draw, encapsulating the essence of what it means to enjoy a premium vape.

Build Quality: The Lost Vape brand is synonymous with quality, and the Lightrise TB 18K is no exception. Despite its disposable nature, the vape possesses a build quality that feels both substantial and sophisticated in hand. The attention to design detail not only enhances the overall user experience but also elevates the product's aesthetic appeal—a chic accessory for any vaper.

Taste Description

The Blue Mint flavor is masterfully done, avoiding the common pitfalls of either being too overpowering or too subtle. It provides a refreshing burst of coolness, thanks to the mint, complemented by a subtle undercurrent of sweetness that keeps the palette engaged without overwhelming it. Each inhalation brings a consistent flavor profile, ensuring the vaping experience is enjoyable throughout the device's lifespan.


The Blue Mint Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18K distinguishes itself in a crowded market through its exceptional flavor, user-friendly design, and quality construction. It’s the epitome of what a disposable vape can and should be—effortless, enjoyable, and engaging. For those seeking an invigorating minty experience combined with the convenience of a disposable device, the Blue Mint Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18K is a compelling choice that promises satisfaction and, above all, a high-quality vape experience.

3 Vape Modes:

Regular ( 18000 Puffs )

Boost ( 12OOO Puffs )

Turbo ( 6000 Puffs )

18,000 Puffs In Regular Mode

18mL pre-filled E-Liquid

5% Nicotine

Smart Touch Screen Display

USB-C Rechargeable

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