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Blue Razz Icy Flum Mello 20000

SKU: BC1943

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Color: Black
E-liquid flavor: Raspberry
E-cigarette/Vaporizer style: Disposable


Blue Razz Icy Flum Mello 20000 Disposable Vape

The Blue Razz Icy Flum Mello 20000 is the latest addition to the disposable vape market, designed for those who crave a refreshing and flavorful vaping experience. This disposable vape device offers a unique Blue Razz flavor with a cool, icy twist that enhances every puff.

Key Features

Disposable Convenience: No need for refills or recharges. Simply enjoy and dispose of responsibly.

Rich Blue Razz Flavor: A sweet and tangy raspberry flavor that hits all the right notes.

Icy Finish: Each puff delivers a refreshing icy finish that complements the fruity base.

High Puff Count: Enjoy up to 20,000 puffs, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction.

Flavor Profile

Blue Razz: Imagine the sweet and tart taste of fresh raspberries with a hint of blueberry. This complex blend creates a rich, berry flavor that's both tantalizing and satisfying.

Icy Cool: The addition of a cool, minty undertone provides a refreshing aftertaste, making each puff crisp and invigorating.

Why Choose Blue Razz Icy Flum Mello 20000?

Convenient and Portable: Perfect for on-the-go vaping without the hassle of carrying around extra e-liquid or batteries.

Intense Flavor: Designed to deliver a consistent and robust flavor with every puff.

Smooth Experience: The icy element ensures a smooth and refreshing vape that keeps you coming back for more.


The Blue Razz Icy Flum Mello 20000 stands out in the disposable vape market with its unique flavor profile and high puff count. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, this device promises a satisfying and convenient vaping experience.

Ready to try the Blue Razz Icy Flum Mello 20000? Get yours today and enjoy the perfect blend of sweet, tangy, and icy cool flavors!

Features and Specifications: 

Prefilled Capacity: 15mL

Battery Capacity: Integrated Rechargeable

Max Puffs: 20K

Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg)

Operation: Draw-Activated

Heating Element: Hybrid 2.0 Mesh Coil

Airflow: Fixed

Display Screen: Mega HD Animated Screen

Charging: USB Type-C

Battery Life Indicator

E-Liquid Level Indicator

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