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Lemonade Chill Nexa N20000

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Size: Single
Nicotine: 5%


Lemonade Chill Nexa N20000 Disposable Vape

Experience the ultimate in vaping satisfaction with the Lemonade Chill Nexa N20000. This disposable vape device is designed to offer a refreshing burst of flavor and unparalleled convenience for on-the-go users. With its sleek, portable design and robust flavor profile, the Lemonade Chill Nexa N20000 sets a new standard for disposable vapes.


Flavor: Lemonade Chill – A refreshing and invigorating lemonade flavor that delivers a crisp, tangy, and sweet vaping experience.

Convenience: The disposable design makes it hassle-free and easy to use. No need to refill or recharge—simply enjoy and dispose of it when done.

Portability: Lightweight and compact, perfect for slipping into your pocket or bag, making it an ideal companion for your daily adventures.

Performance: High-quality build ensures consistent performance and a satisfying hit every time.

Taste Description

Imagine the zest of freshly squeezed lemons combined with a hint of sweetness, creating a delightful and cooling sensation with every puff. The Lemonade Chill flavor is crafted to perfection, offering a smooth and refreshing taste that will leave you wanting more.

Why Choose Lemonade Chill Nexa N20000?

Exceptional Flavor: The expertly blended Lemonade Chill flavor provides a unique and enjoyable vaping experience.

Ease of Use: With its disposable nature, there’s no need to fuss over maintenance. Just open, vape, and dispose.

Sleek Design: A stylish and ergonomic design that feels great in your hand and looks even better.

Get Your Lemonade Chill Nexa N20000 Today!

Ready to elevate your vaping experience? Try the Lemonade Chill Nexa N20000 and discover the perfect blend of flavor, convenience, and style. Make every puff a refreshing escape.

Enjoy the chill. Enjoy the Nexa N20000.

Up To 20000 Puffs
Pre-Filled E-Liquid
5%(50mg) Nicotine Strength
Rechargeable Battery
USB Type-C Charging (Not Included)
Dual Mesh coil
MTL Vaping
Battery & E-liquid Screen
Turbo Mode - 25W
Regular Mode - 12W
Stepless Airflow Adjustment
Mega Screen

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