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Forest Mint Lost Mary OS5000 Luster

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Lost Mary OS5000 Luster Forest Mint Disposable Vape

Elevate your vaping experience with the sublime refreshment of Forest Mint, a standout addition to the Lost Mary OS5000 Luster lineup. This meticulously crafted disposable vape transcends the ordinary, delivering an invigorating blend of flavors that redefine what you expect from a vaping session.

Exquisite Flavor Profile

At the heart of the Forest Mint Lost Mary OS5000 Luster is its exceptional flavor profile. Inspired by the crisp, invigorating essence of a dewy forest at dawn, each puff wraps your senses in the cool, refreshing taste of mint. This isn't just any mint flavor; it's a sophisticated blend designed to deliver a clean, pure taste with every inhale.

The Ultimate Vaping Convenience

The Lost Mary OS5000 Luster is the epitome of convenience without compromise. As a disposable device, it frees you from the hassles of refilling and recharging, making it a perfect companion whether you're on the go or relaxing at home. Despite its disposable nature, the device assures a generous vaping life, designed to satisfy your cravings from the first draw to the very last.

Designed for Discerning Vapers

With its sleek and stylish design, the Lost Mary OS5000 Luster stands out not just for its performance but as a statement accessory. The compact, ergonomic device fits comfortably in your hand, while its aesthetics make it a sophisticated choice for vapers who value both form and function.

Taste Description

The Forest Mint flavor is crafted to deliver a multi-dimensional vaping experience. Initial notes of freshly picked mint leaves entice your palate, followed by a subtle, cooling sensation that simulates the freshness of a forest breeze. The finish is clean and satisfying, leaving a lingering freshness that invigorates and delights.

Experience Forest Mint Lost Mary OS5000 Luster

Whether you're seeking to refresh your vaping routine or desire a reliable, flavorful escape, the Forest Mint Lost Mary OS5000 Luster offers an unmatched experience. Its unique blend of the crisp, refreshing taste of mint, combined with the unparalleled convenience of a disposable device, makes it a top choice for those who cherish quality, flavor, and ease of use.

Discover the refreshing allure of the forest with every puff. Welcome to the unparalleled experience of Forest Mint Lost Mary OS5000 Luster – your escape to freshness and satisfaction.


Size: 48x26x82mm

E-liquid Capacity:13ml

Nicotine Strength: 5%

Battery Capacity: 650mAh

Charging Port: Type-C

Puffs: Up to 5000


Mesh Coil

Battery Indicator

Lost Mary 5000 puff rechargeable vapes, provide a battery indicator that allows vapers to check on power levels while they are vaping. Green (high battery), blue (medium battery), and red (low battery) LED colors display the amount of charge left in the 650mAh battery.