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Mango Twist Off Stamp SW16000 Pod

SKU: BC1940

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Color: Beige
E-cigarette/Vaporizer style: Pod
E-liquid flavor: Mango


Mango Twist Off Stamp SW16000 Pod Disposable Vape

Indulge in the luscious taste of ripe, juicy mangoes with the Mango Twist Off Stamp SW16000 Pod. Each puff delivers a burst of tropical sweetness, perfectly balanced to create a vaping experience that's both refreshing and satisfying.

Product Features:  

Disposable Convenience: Enjoy hassle-free vaping with no need for refills or recharges. Simply twist off and vape.

High-Quality Vape: Engineered for smooth, consistent flavor delivery.

Unique Flavor: The Mango Twist flavor profile is crafted to mimic the natural taste of fresh mangoes, providing a delightful and immersive experience.

Perfect For:  

On-the-Go Vaping: Compact and easy to carry, ideal for those who enjoy vaping anytime, anywhere.

Mango Lovers: A must-try for anyone who loves the sweet, tangy flavor of mangoes.

Flavor Enthusiasts: Experience a new twist on your vaping routine with a flavor that stands out.

Enjoy the exotic taste of mango with every puff. The Mango Twist Off Stamp SW16000 Pod – your next favorite vape.

Compatibility: Please note, any SW charging device (sold in Offstamp Kits) is compatible but is required to recharge and for full functionality.

E-liquid contents: 17ml

Nicotine Level: 50mg

Puffs per Device: +16000

Disposable Battery: 210mAh (Rechargeable via Off Stamp Battery Pack Only)

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