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Black Mint Lost Mary OS5000

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Lost Mary OS5000 Black Mint Disposable Vape

Dive into a refreshing experience with the Black Mint Lost Mary OS5000, the latest innovation in the world of vaping. This premium disposable vape device is designed for those who cherish a minty freshness with every puff, combining exceptional taste with unparalleled convenience.

Key Features of the Black Mint Lost Mary OS5000

Elegant and Efficient Design: The Lost Mary OS5000 stands out with its sleek, compact form factor. It's perfect for on-the-go vaping, slipping easily into your pocket or purse without the bulk.

Exceptional Flavor Profile: Crafted for the mint aficionados, the Black Mint variant offers a cool, invigorating taste that refreshes your palate. Every inhale delivers a crisp and clean flavor that's both intense and satisfying, making it a perfect choice for any time of the day.

Disposable Convenience: Say goodbye to the hassle of refilling and recharging. The Lost Mary OS5000 is a disposable device that offers a hassle-free vaping experience. Once it reaches its lifecycle, simply dispose of it responsibly and start with a new one.

Extended Vaping Pleasure: Despite its disposable nature, the Lost Mary OS5000 ensures that your vaping experience lasts longer. Packed with enough e-liquid and battery life to support up to 5000 puffs, it's designed to keep up with your vaping needs without constant replacements.

A Taste That Stands Out

The Black Mint Lost Mary OS5000 is not just another disposable vape; it's a gateway to an exhilarating frosty adventure. Its meticulously crafted mint flavor stands out in a sea of options, offering a pure and immersive vaping experience. Whether you're a long-time vape enthusiast or someone looking to explore new flavors, the Black Mint Lost Mary OS5000 delivers a unique and memorable taste that lingers.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether you're relaxing at home, navigating through a busy day, or enjoying an evening out with friends, the Black Mint Lost Mary OS5000 is your perfect companion. Its discreet design allows for easy vaping, while the bold mint flavor provides an instant burst of freshness, elevating every moment.

Experience the Freshness

Ready to experience the ultimate in cool, refreshing vaping? The Black Mint Lost Mary OS5000 disposable vape is here to transform your vaping experience. No refills, no recharges, just pure, minty freshness at your fingertips. Discover why the Lost Mary OS5000 is becoming the go-to choice for vape enthusiasts seeking taste, convenience, and quality.


Size: 48x26x82mm

E-liquid Capacity:13ml

Nicotine Strength: 5%

Battery Capacity: 650mAh

Charging Port: Type-C

Puffs: Up to 5000


 Mesh Coil

Battery Indicator

Lost Mary 5000 puff rechargeable vapes, provide a battery indicator that allows vapers to check on power levels while they are vaping. Green (high battery), blue (medium battery), and red (low battery) LED colors display the amount of charge left in the 650mAh battery.